The thirteen colonies

The 13 colonies were divided on three places. New England, Middle and the south colonies.

In New England colonies the economy was based on fishing and trading, the religion the people had there was puritans and some people had other beliefs. There were slaves. The slaves were African American people. The climate on the north was with long winters, it had rocky floor and subsistence farming.

Talking about the middle, the economy was very good, they had ports and river systems, ship building, exported grain, furs and imported manufacturers. All the people had a good economy there. In the religion there were Quakers, Germans and scotch Irish, there were also African American. The climate was good for farming, they had really good land. They also had rivers and hills. In general it was a good climate.

Now the south, the economy was ideal for planting corps like indigo, rice and Tabaco. The religion was Catholicism. There were living people from France and from England. They needed slaves. The weather was warm and they had very rich soil.


Roanoke is an island on were a lot of colonies died. By the time a general was out from it, in England, and he returned, everyone on the island were disappeared.

There is one theory that tells everyone tried to get to the south but they got confused and started going north, they started dying because of starvation and cold and for being thirsty.

This theory is based on some rocks the people left behind, they left them in a weird order but they have a path.

Hardships of Jamestown

They couldn’t drink from the river, only on some part of the year.

They settled on the dirtiest place of the river.

They had unfamiliar climate, they had a humid summer.

Almost half of the colonies died of diseases, starvation, salt poisoning and autumn.

Mayflower compact

What Is the Mayflower Compact?02:02

What Is the Mayflower Compact?

the mayflower was a ship that was going to the new world. It was full of people, adults, kids, third age persons, etc.

Untitled (3)
_________the mayflower compact was a paper that everyone of the ship sign saying that they were still loyal to the crown of england.___

Understanding the Declaration of Independence - 9 Key Concepts Everyone Should Know10:44

Understanding the Declaration of Independence - 9 Key Concepts Everyone Should Know

Four parts of Declaration of Independence

the first part was the preambre

in this part they explained why to made up the declaration of independence.

the second part is Natural Rights

here they make a list of all the rights of the people and how must the government protect themselfs and the people.

the third part was the list of grievances

here is all the complains that were against the british people.

the fourth part

here they declare that the colonies are free and have all the power, that they can make war and peace who ever they want.

                                                                                 Political cartoons

Barack to the Future - Political Parody Cartoon - 2012 Election05:51

Barack to the Future - Political Parody Cartoon - 2012 Election

120211 cartoon 605

Bigger still cartoon


Barack Obama cartoon

9 Pillars 

Untitled (2)

9 Pillars

the 9 pillar cartoon is a cartoon made to fix the constitution.

every pillar represent one colony and there are nine colonies. it represent that they must be together.

The US history Timeline


US history


13 colonies chart with picture and The slaves on America



People religion



Fishing, trade


Other believes

Long winters, rocky soil, own garden


Ports and river.

Ship building.

Exported grain, furs and imported manufactured

Quakers, Germans, scotch Irish, Irish, French, African, Dutch, Scottish, Welch, etc.

Good farming, land, rivers, and hills. Good climate


Ideal for planting crops like indigo, rice and Tabaco.

Catholics, French and English people.

Rich land, plenty of rain



Why they came

Indentured servants

Pay for their passage to America

English criminals

They had to work during their release

Prisoners of war

To be free after 7 years


For helping with the plantations

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