The 13 colonies were divided on three places. New England, Middle and the South colonies.

North Colonies

In New England colonies the economy was based on fishing and trading, the religion the people had there was puritans and some people had other beliefs. There were slaves. The slaves were African American people. The climate on the north was with long winters, it had rocky floor and subsistence farming.

Middle ColoniesEdit

Talking about the middle, the economy was very good, they had ports and river systems, ship building, exported grain, furs and imported manufacturers. All the people had a good economy there. In the religion there were Quakers, Germans and scotch Irish, there were also African American. The climate was good for farming, they had really good land. They also had rivers and hills. In general it was a good climate.

South ColoniesEdit

Now the south, the economy was ideal for planting corps like indigo, rice and Tabaco. The religion was Catholicism. There were living people from France and from England. They needed slaves. The weather was warm and they had very rich soil.Edit

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